Complexity and Business



Virtual knowledge that works in reality for people.

Itís the arena for the international network, based on nearness in communication between practitioners and researchers, itís an attitude that centers on professionalism and integrity, openness and participation, generosity and confidence at every stage of the relationship. Itís nonlinear thinking in - knowledge about knowledge. So why is it called the fictiveCorp ? 

  • To create knowledge, and that in an environment of confidence, far from the ďday to dayĒ operations. And with the nurturing of emergent ideas facilitates, pieces of co-evolving knowledge in a surrounding world. Within ď anotherĒ context, but with the same frame of problems and/or situations. All above ďfar from homeĒ thatís one of the reasons why itís named the fictiveCorp.

  • The second reason is that to be trustworthy in the environment people need to ďlive as they learnĒ both theoretically and in practice. So fictiveCorp is the strange attractor based in chaos-theory, and in the frames of complexity science. Where ďideasĒ pups up to the surface and then itís gone. It canít be institutionalized, itís irreversible and raised from the engines that change processes, and it prepares for continuity of the holistic perspective and approach.

  • The last one, itís a creative learning, innovating space and process, thatís been a source for awareness and understanding about the risks and the opportunities that this paradigm offers in a business context. 
The interesting part is that the fictiveCorp already exist since a couple of years and therefor not needs a presentation, of who is in it. But whatís included in fictiveCorp needs an explanation. White papers, books, articles and workshops will do that.