Complexity and Business



Why an Timeline ? 
It´s Knowledge about, timeline processes.

--"Time to market"  -  "Time to reflection"  -  "Time to death"-

  • Thought, analyze, strategy and it’s result (from a thought to result), is a Knowledge-chain.

  • "A dialog with the individual within her or his environment with us as a link and to bandy ideas with – the knowledge-chain.” 
  • Development and change.

  • ”To encourage motivation for changes in co-operation together with the performer/s. To achieve desired result better. With skills to visualize and communicate right now, creates enjoyment that motivates people to act – the awareness of action!” 
  • People, Technology and Process.

  • " By tie together the surrounding world in virtual networks, based upon people’s relationship. Can we, if we together want to, optimize operational technology with processes and create durability in business results.” 
  • Encourage motivation and meaning, to begin to act – is that education?

  • ”To create a understanding description based on motivation to accomplish reasonable and credible changes through the course of evolving events  – that’s to activate."

    To handle and nurturing, “all” those small step done by “many” - that’s the aim of strategy.

    To follow up what’s been “created and innovated” are probably the best use of sense and the most expedient to do as a manager.

    But to live and act professionally in that type of noise create needs, that may occur for understanding of flow and logic. We are in fact now talking about information- and business-logic. In and between client, supplier (contractor) and customers.

    Intertwining by the common denominator for them all. In fact us at Information Knowledge, and all those knowledge contributors in our surrounding. That even you’re a part of, whatever if you are a client from yesterday, today or tomorrow, even though you never will be a client, you’re a part of it. Thank you world.