Information Knowledge
        Complexity and Business



The sum of the parts, is more then the parts sum, that because of the clients and there home, the market. Those gave us the label Knowledge Management. Which for us means  - to facilitate, handle, develop, manage and give right knowledge and information, in the right time, to the right individual.

  • The smallest known universal particle is the photon. The photon is the smallest part in all that “we” know exist. It moves in chaotic patterns, patterns that cannot be predicted in longer sight. It’s impossible to exactly say what’s gonna happen from the pattern that occur, that because the tangential points is never exactly recurrent. However it’s possible to learn and to understand patterns in present time and to use that information forward – that’s Information Management.

  • People’s fundamental instincts have taken different expressions historically. The brain is a very complex phenomenon. The input of our five senses gives our consciousness and unconsciousness parts of the brain, the opportunity to act. In the consciousness part of the brain can individuals steer, by them self, to follow or change patterns in their own mental model – that’s Human Knowledge.

  • By pay attention to, and be engage in the surrounding world and the people in it creates enduring and true relations with sharing in return – that’s Relationship Management.

  • To receive and create information about knowledge through human relations. And to learn ourselves by creating understanding for patterns, together with sharing it in a network of relations “creates” Knowledge Management. And add to that understanding of cultural rationality and communication as “knowledge about knowledge” – that’s the basin in our business concept”